WordPress / WooCommerce Sitemap

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Plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce to create a sitemap for Google and other search engines.

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A powerful plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce to create a sitemap.xml


The package contains:

  • Sitemap creation
  • Pages, Posts, Post categories, Products and Product categories in the sitemap
  • Defining items that should not be in the sitemap
  • Automatic creation of the sitemap (hourly, twice daily, daily)
  • Specify the “changefreq”
  • Specify the “priority”
  • Minimum WordPress Version 4.0
  • Minimum WooCommerce Version 3.0



In the programming and the required database queries special emphasis was placed on a good performance so that your WordPress / WooCommerce installation has no performance losses. In contrast to many other plugins, the code is executed only where it is needed.
With the sitemap, you can use a dropdown to define which elements (pages, posts, post categories, products, product categories) should not be included in the Sitemap.xml.
In addition, you can create the sitemap by button click or automatically (hourly, twice a day, daily).
The information “changefreq” and “priority” are optional.