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SEO plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce for defining meta-titles and meta-descriptions. High performance plugin without unnecessary additional features.

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High quality SEO plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce


This package contains:

  • Define Meta Title, Description Tags
  • Define Meta Tags for Pages, Posts, Products, Product categories
  • Exclude indexing of specified pages
  • Lightweight Plugin without unnecessary functions
  • Languages: German, English
  • Minimum WordPress Version 4.0
  • Minimum WooCommerce Version 3.0
  • PHP Version >= 7.0



The plugin can be used to specify Meta Title Tags and Description Tags for pages, posts, products and product categories.
A checkbox can be used to define whether certain contents should not be indexed by the search engine.
In programming, emphasis was placed on performance. Many SEO plugins for WooCommerce and WordPress are overloaded with unnecessary features that sometimes limit the performance severely.