WordPress / WooCommerce EU VAT calculation

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WooCommerce Plugin from Germany for the calculation of value added tax (VAT), if buyers are from other EU countries.

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WooCommerce plugin for correct VAT calculation of sales to other EU countries


This package contains:

  • Add a VAT ID field in the checkout
  • Save the VAT ID in the backend for each order
  • Check the VAT ID through the website of the European Commission
  • No VAT calculation for users from other EU countries with company and VAT ID
  • Possibility to define countries where no VAT should be calculated, if VAT-ID and company indicated
  • Minimum WordPress Version 4.0
  • Minimum WooCommerce Version 3.0



Since no tax can be calculated for orders from the EU-foreign countries with indication of a USt-ID number, this plugin offers the optimal solution.
The plugin adds an extra field for the VAT ID number in the checkout.
In the WooCommerce admin backend the countries can be defined, where the VAT should not be calculated, if the user fills out the field “company” and “VAT-ID” in the checkout.

The entered VAT ID will be checked for correctness by a service of the European Commission.

The main focus in programming was also on the performance of this plugin and therefore on the fact that the plugin executes the required code only when it is needed.
Often, WordPress / WooCommerce developers do not make sure that their code is executed only in the required places of the website, whereby the installation of the plugin affects the speed of the website.