In our shop are a variety of useful WooCommerce and WordPress plugins. During development, emphasis was placed on performance and safety.

We are happy to offer our help with the purchased plugins, to adapt them to their individual needs. Since each shop is set up differently, purchased plug-ins often require an adaptation so that they can also be used optimally in their own environment.

All WooCommerce and WordPress plugins available in our shop are available in German and English.


Do you need an individual solution for your shop?
eseom has years of experience developing custom themes and plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce.
We look forward to implementing your requirements.

If you are looking for an individual software solution, you can always contact us. We look forward to a non-binding consultation, in which the requirements are defined and estimated.

Our services:
– WordPress / WooCommerce theme development
– Implementation of sophisticated plugins for WP / WC
– Improve the performance and user experience of existing installations
– SEO optimization of existing shops and websites
– Problem analysis and handling of existing errors in the themes and plugins used
– Development of interfaces (for example from CRM, ERP to WooCommerce)
– Development of customer-specific data analysis tools for WP / WC

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Professional WooCommerce Shop

Is WordPress and WooCommerce a professional solution for larger shops?

eseom has already implemented online shops for large companies and used various shop systems (Shopware / WooCommerce). Larger customers often opt for a “pure” shop system such as Shopware, Oxid or Magento, since WordPress and WooCommerce is not a “real shop system” and would have poor performance. Since there are many developers and even complete agencies in the WooCommerce and WordPress world who claim they have mastered these two systems, but only install a few plugins (15+), these two systems also have a bad reputation when it comes to the subject performance and functionality.
By installing a plugin that is not tailored to the particular shop, there are deficits in terms of performance, maintainability, security and expandability. Any unneeded feature means that a store loses performance because those features require resources (for example, more database queries as needed).

We have already implemented shops with over 4000 products and 200 000 product variations. These shops have in comparison to the mentioned “real shop systems” no losses in terms of performance and in terms of maintainability, expandability and costs. WooCommerce is miles ahead – but the prerequisite for this is the professional implementation of the shop in WooCommerce without the installation of quite a few plugins of which half of the functions are not used / understood.

Interested in a professionally implemented WooCommerce shop?
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